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          A conference dedicated to children!
Join us for the 5th, Green Kids Conference!
 When: Saturday, June 13, 2015
Where: Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus

1065 La Avenida St, Building 1

Mountain View, CA - 94043

Time: 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Announcement:You might have heard the news about Microsoft re-developing their silicon valley campus, which means that this facility would not be available to us. 

Our goal is to reach as many kids as possible, and continue to be part of the solution to our environmental problems. We are unable to offer the next Green Kids Conference at this time.

We are focusing on our Green Star School Awards Program, in order to reach the kids directly at schools. Through the Green Star School Awards  program, we will also be able to connect our partner resources directly with the schools.

News: Microsoft eyes major modernization of Mountain View campus in development proposal http://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2015/02/27/microsoft-eyes-major-modernization-of-mountain.html  

Please continue to support us in this journey to save this precious planet. Our journey will continue no matter the changes we face along the way!

Green Star School Awards Program

Green Kids Now is Changing the World!

(from the 5th, Green Kids Conference, 06/13/15)

Eco-Company-TV Segment - Pavan-Does-It-All

Green Kids Now - Building Responsible Innovators!
(from the 4th, Green Kids Conference, 05/31/14)

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Overview of Green Kids Conference

(from the 3rd, Green Kids Conference, 06/01/13)

Green Kids Now, Inc., is honored to bring you,

5th, Green Kids Conference on 06/13/2015!

Founder's speech at 5th Green Kids Conference, 06/13/2015

(This is only a short overview from his full 50 minutes presentation)


Founder-Pavan Raj Gowda's speech at the 4th, Green Kids Conference.

Our goal is to educate kids and their families on environmental issues, make them aware of available resources and opportunities, and also to promote, encourage, and reward new innovative ideas.

Come and explore the latest developments and opportunities in the following areas:

           1. Education and Research

           2. Clean Technology and Alternative Energy Sources

           3. Climate Science

           4. Waste Management

           5. Air Quality

           6. Land / Nature Preservation

           7. Energy / Water Conservation

           8. Biomimicry

           9. Green Chemistry 

          10. Hydroponics

Snapshot of our Keynote Speakers, Chief Guests, and Expert presenters:

2015: Keynote Speaker: Dr. Martin J. Mulvihill

Dr. Martin J. Mulvihill, Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, shared his enthusiasm, passion for Green Chemistry, and explained how Chemistry plays a very important role in our daily lives.



2014: Chief Guest: Mr. Robert Hanna

Mr. Robert Hanna, is the great-great-grandson of the famous environmentalist John Muir! He also shared about John Muir's childhood days as an inventor! It was fascinating to learn about John Muir's childhood days, and his passion for conservation and innovation.

2014: Keynote Speaker: Dr. Daniel Zalles  

 Dr. Daniel Zalles presented about SRI Environmental Science Instructional Solutions (SESIS) - http://sesis.sri.com  - Center for Technology and Learning, SRI International. He shared about the tools and resources available for children to use for their research on Climate Science.

2013: Keynote Speaker: Dr. Christopher Viney

Dr. Christopher Viney, Professor, School of Engineering, UC Merced is a Pioneer in Biomimicry (New method of Innovation) Dr. Viney explained the complex materials in terms a lay audience could easily understand. His factual presentation and anecdotes, were all delivered interactively and with humor.

2012: Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Dunbar

Dr. Robert B. Dunbar, Professor, Stanford University, presented about Climate Dynamics, Oceanography, Marine Ecology and allowed kids to actually touch and feel the rare species of coral reef that he had brought from the most remote part of our oceans.

2014, 2012, and 2011: Topic "Save The Frogs" - Dr. Kerry Kriger

Dr. Kerry Kriger is an ecologist, Founder, and Executive Director, of Save The Frogs organization. He presented about amphibians and their impacts on our ecosystem, and shared how we could take action to protect amphibians. His presentations are always interactive and entertaining with sounds of frogs!

2014 and 2012: Topic: Biomimicry-Innovations Inspired by Nature - Shanti Balaraman

Mrs. Shanti Balaraman, President of Green Kids Now, Inc., presented about Biomimicry, how it is being used in industries, and also shared works of other children and their research works in this field.

Check out our Jr. Scientists and Innovators Section!

“Encouraging our next generation to responsibly innovate”

Innovation and Environmental Sustainability should not be considered separately. Most of the issues we are seeing today with us not knowing how to use our raw materials and how to dispose of an item properly- like plastics, are because when people created products they did not consider these things.  But now we know from our mistakes and from the issues we are currently facing today, that the right way is for us to think about environmental sustainability from the beginning of creating any product or solution.

“Environmental etiquette is the new norm for innovation”

 Purpose of Jr. Scientists and Innovators section:  To encourage kids to focus on science and innovation, and emphasize that environmental sustainability must be in the heart of everything we do.  

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Check out our Environmental Arts Exhibit!

Kids expressing their environmental message through arts using various form factors.

"A picture is worth thousand words"

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Learn * Innovate * Take Action * Share

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Questions or Comments:Email info@greenkidsconference.org

Additional details:

Children ages 5 to 18 years are encouraged to participate with their families and friends.

Registration is mandatory for all participants, including children. Microsoft security requires only badged attendees to enter the building.

The booths will be open for the entire time. Presentations and break-out sessions would take place at scheduled times. Check the agenda for details.


Children of any age group who are taking action and are actively involved with projects, are encouraged to exhibit and present at this conference. You could register as a team, school, organization, or individual.

Your exhibit could earn you the Green Champ award!

Here are ways you can attend, participate and contribute:



Wetlands Reconstruction Project

We need YOUR help to make these wetlands a reality!

Green Kids Now is partnering with Save The Frogs non-profit organization to reconstruct wetlands to restore natural habitats.  

More details at http://www.greenkidsnow.org/wetland/

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Congratulations to our Green Champ Award winners!

Thanks for your leadership and being an environmental champion!

Green Champ Award winner, 2015

Omkaar Buddhikot

In recognition for his dedication and several years of services to care for the environment!

Green Champ Award winners, 2014

Empowering World Change - Kunal Bhandarkar, Saniya Patel, Anushka Joglekar & Pranav Rao

In recognition for their commitment and leadership efforts in resource management and environmental sustainability.


Green Champ Award winner, 2013

Hamza Adil

In recognition for his dedicated efforts in energy conservation.

Green Champ Award winners, 2012

Austin Pleban and Aria Pleban – Critter Kids

In recognition for all their efforts in nature preservation and conservation