Agenda/Exhibitors list – 06/13/2015

10:00 AM - Attendee Registration Desks Open
- Jr. Scientists & Innovators - Judging starts
10:30 AM - Conference Opens to public
11:20 AM to 12 noon
(Executive Conference room - 2nd floor)
Break-out session-1 (30 to 40 minutes) 

Lower Your "Foodprint," Help the World!
by, Katie Cantrell, U.S. Program Manager for Green Monday

Did you know that the single most effective way to help save water & stop climate change on a daily basis is through our food choices? This talk will include a fun guessing game (with prizes!), and ways that we can help the environment on individual and institutional levels.

12:20 PM to 1:00 PM
(Executive Conference room - 2nd floor)
Break-out session-2 (30 to 40 minutes) 

Saving Energy at Home with Energy Upgrade California
by, Debbie Mytels/Patti Sexton from Acterra

Learn about the resources available to the public through the Energy Upgrade CA program, and actions that you can take to reduce your energy bills and the Greenhouse Gas emissions.

1:30 PM to 3:30 PM No food or drinks allowed inside the auditorium 

Presentations start at the Auditorium in the 2nd floor:

-Short film, "Worse Than Poop" - Who says CO2 pollution can’t be funny? In this delightful short, an 8-year-old climate scientist and the Green Ninja take on a fleet of pooping cars to save the world.

- Hydroponics and Alternate Farming Methods
by Amita Gowda and Saniha Dogganahalli 

- Founder's Message and Climate Reality, by Pavan Raj Gowda, Official Climate Leader, Founder of Green Kids Conference and Founder of Green Kids Now,, Inc. 

- Keynote Speaker: 

Dr. Martin J. Mulvihill

Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry

- Award Ceremony: 

Dr. Mulvihill will be presenting the "Green Champ Award", and the awards to all our Jr. Scientists and Innovators.


Jr. Scientists and Innovators, please arrive between 9:30 AM to10 AM. Judging will take place 10 AM to 1 PM. You must be available in-person for the judging.

The Jr. Scientists and Innovators hall will be opened to general public from 10:30 AM and students would get a chance to share their work directly with the public.

Thanks to our Jr. Scientist competition judges:

Dr. Sylvia Smullin from PARC

Dr. Cathy Olsen, Ph.D.

Product Applications Scientist

Molecular Devices -

Environmental Art Exhibit - Kids raising environmental awareness through arts, while exhibiting their creativity, artistic talents, and passion for the environment!

"A picture is worth thousands of words"

Event Partners

There will be delicious 100% vegan lunch for purchase!
(Lunch availability: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM)

Wetlands Reconstruction Project

We need YOUR help to make these wetlands a reality!

Green Kids Now is partnering with Save The Frogs to reconstruct wetlands to restore natural habitats.

More details at

We will have fundraising at the conference for this project.

Livity Rising has donated their organic shirts, belts, hats, etc., which will be sold to raise funds.

Please donate generously! Donors will receive thank you gifts donated by Save The Frogs.

Our Exhibitor
Green Kids Now, Inc. is the organizer for the Green Kids Conference.
Come and learn from the demonstrations by our young environmentalists, in the following areas:

  1. Biomimicry
  2. Green Chemistry
  3. Alternative Sources of Energy
  4. Hydroponics

and learn about the various ways you could take action to be part of the solution.

Empowering World Change: Our mission is to promote environmental awareness and sustainability through education, collaboration and outreach that inspires children, parents and communities to be involved, share the knowledge, and take small, achievable steps that collectively make a significant contribution toward positive environmental change.

Children are not only encouraged and inspired while they learn about their environment, but also focused on caring, conservation and responsibility while ensuring the safety of our planet for future generations. Do we think the adults get inspired along the way? Absolutely!


Breathe California of the Bay Area: Mission:Breathe California fights lung disease in all its forms and works with its communities to protect lung health.
We provide handouts for clean air, Tobacco control programs, Asthma services and other lung health services.
BALANCE Edutainment: BALANCE is an entertainment technology firm specializing in
childhood entertainment products that children love and parents can feel good about. We produce fun stories that build self-esteem and empathy, connectedness, the inner voice within and encourage kids to create the world they want to live in. Essentially, we have shown that kids can learn life lessons that support their healthy development.
StartOrganic is a vegetable garden service helping people successfully grow their own organic produce across the bay area. StartOrganic specializes in garden education, seasonal services, corporate gardens, institutional gardening and everything in between. Know where your food comes from.
Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society - The mission of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society is to preserve, to enjoy, to restore and to foster public awareness of native birds and their ecosystems, mainly in Santa Clara County.
At the event, we will bring an exhibit consisting of information material about our programs (especially those for kids and families) and our collection of bird specimens, including feathers, feet, wings and skulls to touch.
The Humane League: The Humane League is a 501(c)3 animal advocacy organization that works to protect all animals through public education, campaigns, and rescue. We have staffed offices in 8 cities, including our newest in San Francisco! Since our founding in 2005, our mission has been to save the lives of as many animals as possible and to reduce as much animal cruelty as we can. We want a world where people, companies, and legislators are making choices that help and not hurt animals, a world in which all animals are treated with the same respect and compassion that we show to our beloved family dog or cat. We invest our time, money, and energy where they will do the most good for the greatest number of animals. As a result, our primary focus is on farmed animal issues.
California Virtual Academies are tuition-free, online Charter Schools for students in grades K-12. We have over 14,000 students enrolled in our school, statewide. Materials are delivered right to the family's doorstep—including books, CDs, and even bags of rocks and dirt!

California Virtual Academies and K¹² give California kids in grades K-12 the chance to learn at the pace and in ways that are right for them. Because of the program’s unique flexibility, the school fits the needs of all types of learners. Our school is ideal for athletes, accelerated learners, and students who may benefit from extra support. The K¹² curriculum allows students with physical restrictions or other commitments—whether temporary or permanent—to continue to make academic progress.

Friends of Stevens Creek Trail: Our mission is to promote community pride and involvement in the completion, enhancement, and enjoyment of the Stevens Creek Trail and Wildlife Corridor. Exhibit: Materials about Stevens Creek & the trail, current extension plans for the trail, photos of the trail & creek and what is along it, maps and self-guided trail tours. Activities:

  1. What belongs in the Creek? game for young kids
  2. What is this organism? game for older kids

Santa Clara County Activists for Animals is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to reducing and eliminating the suffering of animals and to raising community awareness of animal issues. We will be demonstrating how animal agriculture contributes to environmental degradation.
Bay Area Air Quality Management District: The BAAQMD's mission is to protect and improve public health, air quality, and the global climate in order to achieve its vision of a healthy breathing environment for every Bay Area resident.
4-H Santa Clara County: Citizenship, leadership and life skills. 4-H is a non-formal education program for everyone! All young people aged 5-19 are welcome to join a 4-H club or program. Santa Clara County projects cover every interest, from baking to beekeeping, fishing to photography, to racing robots! 4-H groups meet on weekends and evenings to build community and work on projects together.

Our exhibit will demonstrate some of the hands-on learning activities 4-H'ers love!

Explorabox: Our mission is to provide hands on science activities to all the children regardless of socioeconomic status. Our goal is to enable all the students to realize the Joy of finding things out with the help of our self contained Exploraboxs . This will encourage them to not be afraid of STEM fields and pursue STEM in future. We are 100% volunteer run organization and our exploraboxes are designed by scientists in their fields.
We will have many hands on activities depending on the space available to us and we will offer the Exploraboxes for sale as well as donations.
Play-Well TEKnologies is using Lego® to teach engineering and physics concepts to kids in both after-school programs and summer camps. Our mission is for kids to build problem-solving skills in an environment conductive to creative expression. In our programs we foster inquisitiveness, self reliance and self confidence in children. We will show several projects out of our Eco Engineering program and have hands on projects for the kids to build and experiment with. Individual Contributor - Youth Exhibitor In light of the severe drought in California, I am seeking to determine if grey water can be used as irrigation without negatively impacting plant growth. Individual Contributor - Youth Exhibitor Using Renewable Energy for everyday use. Individual Contributor - Youth Exhibitor Organic food - A need not choice! A brief history of food Composting as a means to grow organic food. (Earthworm exhibit) Individual Contributor - Youth Exhibitor Landfill - Students will be sharing their model and project information
Felidae Conservation Fund: Felidae's mission is to: Improve the state of global wild cat ecosystems through a fusion of research, education and online technologies to benefit humanity and drive meaningful change in the natural world.

We would have a table with information regarding pumas and bobcats in the greater Bay Area.

Our City Forest believes in cultivating a greener and healthier South Bay community. We do this by educating children and the individuals in every community of the South Bay. At this event we will bring interactive environmental games for the children to expand their knowledge of the world around them.
CandleLight Global America: CandleLight is an Art Studio and Gallery with a mission to Propel a "Cultural Renaissance" that develops and values the essence of our humanistic virtues through culture, arts and education.
Wild Child: We are an all-outdoor nature program for homeschool kids ages 5-12.
We ignite scientific curiosity through free play, outdoor exploration, and kid-directed learning.
In addition to providing deep nature experiences, we are committed to helping kids discovering their own unique interests, and how - at any age - they can be involved in creating a better world.

Our exhibit will have several fun nature-based crafts and games for kids to participate in, as well tools for better understanding our local ecosystems.

Metropolitan Transportation Commission: Spare the Air Youth is a regional program that aims to educate, inspire and empower youth and families in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area to walk, bicycle, carpool, and take transit. Spare the Air Youth seeks to find effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation while also providing a regional resource for students, parents, teachers and program providers to support healthy transportation choices. Spare the Air Youth is part of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's (MTC) Climate Initiatives Program and is administered in partnership with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
Acterra: Our mission is to bring people together to create local solutions for a healthy planet. The exhibit will feature an interactive watershed model so the kids can learn about how their family's day to day activities can contribute to pollution - or protect the health - of our local creeks.
FabMo: FabMo rescues no longer needed materials from the interior design community and makes them available to everyone interested in creatively re-using them. Teachers, students, artists, kids groups, charity organizations, theatre groups and entrepreneurs are welcome to come find wonderful things at FabMo. We are run entirely by volunteers and supported only by the donations we receive from our visitors.
Solar City: At SolarCity, we believe in a better way to power homes and businesses at a lower cost while contributing to a cleaner planet.
Factory Farming Awareness Coalition is an educational non-profit committed to empowering people to help animals, the environment, and our own health through our daily food choices.

We will be sampling delicious plant-based foods and talking about how we can help decrease our "foodprint."

March for Elephants will engage in direct and peaceful action on behalf of Earth's largest terrestrial herbivore, now on the brink of extinction. Elephants are killed about 100 each day, and approximately 35,000 a year.

At our exhibit, we will present current statistics on the poaching crisis that face elephants and rhinos in Africa, driving these charismatic mega fauna to the brink of extinction; we will discuss the global implications and consequences of poaching, culpable nations and the measures national and international communities are taking to mitigate and eradicate the tragedy.

Project Coyote, a North American coalition of wildlife scientists, educators, predator- friendly ranchers and community leaders, promotes compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife. As a national non-profit organization based in Northern California, Project Coyote works to change negative attitudes toward coyotes, wolves and other native carnivores by replacing ignorance and fear with understanding, respect and appreciation. All of our work — through education, science, and advocacy — strives to create fundamental and systemic changes in the ways wild carnivores are viewed and treated in North America.
Sungevity is on a mission to build the most energized network of customers who power their lives with sunshine. Our exhibit will show how many lbs of carbon have been eliminated from the atmosphere because of Sungevity customers in specifically Mountain View. We will provide instant quotes and roof analysis for potential customers and help them get their solar designs started without ever sending anyone to their home with our proprietary remote solar design technology. Sungevity Website
Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District: The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District's purpose is to purchase, permanently protect, and restore lands forming a regional open space greenbelt, preserve unspoiled wilderness, wildlife habitat, watershed, viewshed, and fragile ecosystems, and provide opportunities for low-intensity recreation and environmental education. Hands-on science demonstrations exploring climate change.

Make discoveries in the invisible world that surrounds us everyday, where global warming happens, and our choices make a big difference.

Neighborhood Christian Center: Our mission at Neighborhood Christian Center is to provide a natural environment that fosters a love of learning, encourages wonder and discovery, promotes individual growth and development, and builds students' self-esteem. NCC IS A GREEN CAMPUS Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • We compost all green kitchen scraps . This compost is used in our Edible Yard.
  • We grow our own fruits and vegetables year round.
  • We utilize discarded fruit tree clippings to grow our own fruit orchard.
  • We keep our campus toxic-pesticide free.
  • We reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • We raise money to support "green" education locally and around the world.
  • We use SNAP (Safe Natural for Animals and People) cleaning supplies.
  • We purchase wind power and solar power from the City of Santa Clara.
  • and many more efforts...

UC Cooperative Extension: The UCCE CEP is a partnership with the cities and county of Santa Clara that seeks to educate our community about composting. In addition to a Master Composter training course the UCCE CEP offers Community Classes throughout the county as well as technical resources. Master Composters teach residents how to build compost piles and worm bins, then how to apply the resulting material in their landscapes and gardens. Master Composter volunteers also provide presentations to local schools, community organizations and events.
California Sunlight Corporation: We will showcase light-weight, compact, cost-effective solar balloon cooker to promote solar cooking everywhere in the world.
Barefoot Books: a local ambassador for barefoot books, will share information about their beautiful books for kids and promote literacy for children.
Card-By-Tots is an expression of the creative talents of a young Designer-in-Chief, Urvi Sharma who started her journey with Cards-by-Tots at the age of 10. Each design is uniquely crafted with a thought and a purpose behind make the world a better place by inspiring people to be more conscious, aware and give back to society! As we all know, California is going through severe drought, and to help the ongoing efforts, Card-By-Tots is looking to raise awareness to save water through designs and a water-conservation campaign.